Canoose Outpost Tubing Adventures


Tubing is a great way to enjoy a sunny day in the St. Croix River.
Anita Newman Cline relax

Relaxing on the River



Take a 2 hour tubing trip from Scotts Brook campsite to Gravel Island campsite. Go straight out Route 745 to the river.

Tammy is all smiles and ready for the day.

Tammy is all smiles and ready for the day.

Follow the tube signs.

Tammy keeps a close eye on the water levels to be sure that you have a great tubing experience.

Check rental rates click here.

This is no lazy river ride!

Loads of fun!



Canoose Outpost tubing group




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  1. Thank you tammy for putting up with us hooligans and making that weekend one that will be remembered for ages! Everyone of us want to say thanks to you all for getting the canoes dropped and picked up! And can’t wait to see them pictures!

  2. I would like to thank you and your crew! Once again you gave us an amazing day tubing down the river. You are amazing Tammy! Can’t wait to do it again next year

  3. We had an amazing day today on the river kayaking – first time to this location – must say that Tammy is an amazing host of the area and provides a great service. I think everyone should have this on their bucket list to do – a hidden gem so close to home!
    Heather Berry

  4. Had a blast with the girls from St. Stephen. Good thing we had our DD and lifeguard to take care of us. Need to do this again when I come for my yearly visit. Thanks girls – haven’t laughed so much in years.

  5. Super excited to try this with the kids in August!

    From Montana,

  6. Great site…… Get the word out about the great time to be had on the Croix!

    Dave : )

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